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Founders’ story

TULAlabs spawned out of the town of Coimbra, Portugal. The founders, Jorge and Paulino, both alumni of the well-renowned sciences and technology department of the Universidade de Coimbra, united over their shared passion for pushing the capabilities of technology to create real-world solutions for companies’ most challenging problems. They then formed TULAlabs in order to create their magic together.

Due to the pioneering nature of the work and the dynamic environment created at TULAlabs, a dream team of top scientists, engineers and mathematicians have been built. They dedicate themselves to ‘creating new possibilities’ through technology. It is this ‘lab team’ and their mystical talents that ensure TULAlabs continues to mesmerise companies.

TULAlabs has reached into the ‘vault’ and cherry picked their most dynamic inventions in order to create market ready solutions that can be shared with the world. This is so that as many companies as possible can benefit from the magic that goes on in TULAlabs.

Inspiration for the logo

∃ is the mathematical existential quantification for exists, there is, there are.

∃ x: P(x) means there is at least one x such that P(x) is true.
The implication of the ∃ symbol is that there is a solution and you need to find it.

What we stand for is that no matter the problem, we will find a solution for you. There is no such thing as impossible. Hence, TULAlabs – “creating new possibilities”.

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